Kadam Pa Kadam’s Listening & Discussion Groups and Positive Youth Development

It is clear as day that a nation will be more civilized and developed if its youth is well-educated.  Uneducated and unskilled youth leads to destabilization of a society and decline and decay becomes the destiny of that nation. Although things are getting better gradually, there have been a number of factors that contributed to badly affect tribal youth over the last decade. An article written by Kadam Pa Kadam’s Listening & Discussion Group’s member Mr. Said Rasool Bhittani on Positive Youth Development.

Insurgency in the FATA region – Pak/Afghan border area, lack of quality primary, secondary and higher education opportunities in FATA, and its continuously evolving controversial governance mechanism with no clear action plan to materialize at the grass root level are not allowing FATA youth to focus on their education and career.

FATA Youth -Associated with Kadam Pa Kadam’s Listening & Discussion groups –wrote articles in print Media, to advocate for FATA youth policy and for Positive Youth Development.

The situation prevailed in the near past during the environment of fear, threat and ignorance, pushing tribal youth to worry more about survival rather than development, progress and positive change. Living each day was a challenge as they had to choose between extremely contrary modes of lives – negativity or enlightenment through education— for themselves each leading to strikingly contrasting futures.

Nevertheless, motivated youth of FATA are united to raise their voice for the finalization of FATA youth policy initiated by FATA Secretariat in 2014- and for raising their voices during the implementation of the policy. It’s a remarkable development that advocacy initiatives for Youth Policy emerge from the very youth that are affected by it.

The Literacy rate among women in FATA is alarmingly low – 3%, per reports of FATA Secretariat. Inaccessibility, poor education quality, low retention rate, militancy, displacement and custom & tradition are the main CAUSES.

Youth leaders like Shukat Aziz, Syed Rasool Betaini, Aziza Mehsood, Nosheen Orakzai, Naila Iltaf, Mehreen Afridi and many others from are playing their positive role by organizing youth debates, awareness walks and using different media groups including social media for advocacy and to inform, educate and inspire the tribal youth for a new dawn.  Kadam Pa Kadam provides the platform of Listening & Discussion Groups to these talented youth where they express their abilities.

That’s how Kadam Pa Kadam is changing the story.


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